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Lumisa Kosugi
Category Main Characters
Lumisa Kosugi
Sex Female
Age 21
Race Modern Human

Some say she is Lemeza's wife's daughter from a previous marriage, while others believe she's Professor Shawn's illegitimate child. Either way, she is a Kosugi; that much is clear. With the request to search the ruins from Xelpud in hand, she travels to La-Mulana to make her archaeological debut.
-- Kickstarter Bio

Lumisa Kosugi is a young adventurer and the main protagonist of La-Mulana 2. She is the daughter of Lemeza Kosugi and granddaughter of Shawn Kosugi. She has been invited by Elder Xelpud to investigate strange incidents within the La-Mulana ruins.

Glossary Entry[]

Lemeza Kosugi's daughter Lumisa isn't very interested in archaeology, but loves adventure. Her age doesn't seem to match up with her father's, like, at all... but let's leave that to the complicated circumstances of the Kosugi family. Lumisa is a woman of few words, but is full of energy and intends to outshine her father in her upcoming adventure. She has learned ninja infiltration techniques passed down through the Kosugi family.