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Icefire Treetop
Japanese 炎氷の梢 (Enhyō no Kozue)
Icefire Treetop
Location Eg-Lana (Canopy)
  • Muspell
  • Kotoamatsu

Muspell and Niflheim

Icefire Treetop (Japanese: 炎氷の梢, "Enhyō no Kozue" / lit. "Treetop of Blazing Ice") is an early section of Eg-Lana. It is largely divided into two wings: a wing on the left full of lava, and a wing on the right covered in icy floors and icy water. The two wings meet at the bottom, in a horizontally long room full of poison lava.

Ankh Jewel[]

  • Location: (B-4)
    • From the (B-3) Grail Tablet, reach the left side of the room and walk to the right to drop through the spikes. Kill Vedfolnir and either make a lava run to the chest or gain lava damage invulnerability by hopping into the hot springs at (E-2) in this map.



Grapple Claw[]

  • Location: (E-4)
    • Place a weight on the dais.

Second Ankh Jewel[]

Life Seal[]

  • Location: (A-2)

Costume Chest[]

Sacred Orb[]

  • Location: (F-4)
    • Using the Anchor, sink to the bottom of the room where the chest is, walk to the right toward the dais, and place a weight on it to unlock the treasure chest.

Crystal Skull[]

  • Location: (G-2)
    • A plot-progressive treasure chest. See Ratatoskr.

Fairy Guild Pass[]

  • Location: (E-1)
    • Break the Life Seal, then jump down from the above railing and put a weight on the dais to unlock the treasure chest.

Flame Torc[]


Lower the D-3 Statue[]

  • Location: (D-3)
    • Coming from Roots of Yggdrasil (D-1), jump near the statue and then place a weight on the dais. Don't let the statue push you into the lava, and throw a Shurken at the skeleton's bones as they get close to you.

Developer Room[]

  • Location: (D-4)
    • At (C-4), break the pots at the top-right of the room and walk through the wall.

Unlock the path to the G-3 Door[]

Small Shortcut[]

  • Location: (C-3)
    • Near the bottom-left of the room, whip the wall to the right to reveal a hole you can fall through.

Unlocking Enimul's room[]

  • Location: (E-2)
    • Crouch at the foot of the bird statue.

Access to enclosed pot[]

  • Location: (C-5)
    • Throw a Bomb at the wall right of the enclosed pot from below. The pot contains 100 Coins.

Reaching Vidofnir[]

Attacking Vidofnir[]

Revealing the Ankh[]



  • Location: (A-1)
Icon-weight.png Weight x5 10Icon-shopcoin.png
Icon-caltrops.png Caltrop x10 30Icon-shopcoin.png
App-enga-musica.png Enga Musica 1500 (50*)Icon-shopcoin.png

*Price lowered after showing the Harp to Orpheus


  • Location: (C-4) - Use the Feather to double-jump up the ladder to this shop.
Icon-weight.png Weight x5 10Icon-shopcoin.png
Icon-bomb.png Bomb x5 100Icon-shopcoin.png
App-move.png Lonely House Moving 300Icon-shopcoin.png


  • Location: (E-2) - For 50 Coins, he will let you use his hot spring. The hot spring will grant you immunity to all forms of lava and water, including poison, for 3 minutes.



  • Location: (E-1)


  • Location: (F-3)


  • Location: (C-3)



  • Location: (C-2)
    • Scan the left statue's foot. Requires talking to Sinmara after obtaining the Light Scythe.


  • Location: (B-1)
    • Using the Katana, break the ground on the left side.


  • Location: (C-5)
    • Using the Clay Doll Outfit, jump into the poison magma with the skeleton, and scan it.


  • Location: (E-2)
    • Enter Enimul's hot spring and scan the left side.


  • A-16th Child: Alfr

    - The Alfr Seeress' Prophecy Part V -
    The Sun has no idea
    Of the power it has
    The Moon has no idea
    That it has power at all
    Dazzling stars remain
    Smoke and flame rage
    Flames frolic in the heavens
    For the mighty have vanished
    For its true form cannot be seen by starlight alone

    C-46th Child: Alfr

    Ratatoskr flits between Yggdrasil's roots and treetop.
    But its body is an illusion.
    Its true body lies in the Underworld.

    E-16th Child: Alfr

    Ratatoskr slumbers.
    Trace the illusion's path, and seal it.
    Then, the true body will awaken.

    F-16th Child: Lokapala

    The God of Prosperity, Ganesha.
    Those who possess the talisman of Ganesha's protection will be blessed with

    G-16th Child: Alfr

    This is the Icefire Treetop.
    The frozen treetop born of the Valley of Chaos.

    E-26th Child: Lokapala

    The heated waters of the plains gush with power.
    The power to surpass the body's limits.
    The power to erase stabbing pain.
    The power to ease that which leaves the hand.

    G-26th Child: Alfr

    Incant words in the midst of the ominous, twisting swelter.
    The two words that will illumine day and night.
    That will lead to Underworld Gate, where Vidofnir waits.

    A-36th Child: Alfr

    Ye who seek the icey treetop, acquire the power to surpass Nidhogg.
    Only those who swing around the icey pillar will reach the icey treetop.
    The branch lands of the 3rd Children, who were punished for imitating the
    Mother's power, lie beyond.

    B-36th Child: Alfr

    This is the Icefire Treetop.
    The searing treetop born of the Valley of Chaos.

    B-36th Child: Lokapala

    Vedfolnir, a small eagle perched atop the head of a large counterpart.

    C-36th Child: Lokapala

    There is a talisman that can uncurse treasure.
    A red jewel, the only of its kind in this world.
    A jewel of the reddest red, representing Mother's life.

    IFTT Tablet C-3.jpg
    D-36th Child: Lokapala

    This path is a land of unruly flames.
    The searing treetop presided over by the giant Surtr.
    Those not born of here have no hope of survival.

    D-36th Child: Lokapala

    This path is a freezing one.
    The frozen treetop presided over by the Guardian Modgud.
    You must pass the frozen pillar to proceed.

    E-35th Child: Ennead

    If it is the flow of water you wish to defy, the treasure of the dwarves will serve.

    F-33rd Child: Olympian

    Water flows from the eye of Chaos.
    It watches the conflict between angel and demon and weeps at the disparity in power.

    F-35th Child: Amarna

    The secret hidden by the golden rock.
    Hidden behind the wall pinned by the golden rock.

    IFTT Tablet F-3.jpg
    B-11st Child: Anunnaki

    Brahma asked Atum, "What is creation?" Atum answered by assuming the form
    of a green snake, before leaving for battle. "Creation is fighting to protect."

    E-46th Child: Alfr

    There is a tool that allows you to latch onto walls.
    Simply by stretching out your hand and taking grasp.
    With it, you could swing around a pillar polished to a mirror sheen.

    C-56th Child: Alfr

    The fairy that discovers secrets.
    In their hand a small key.

    D-56th Child: Lokapala

    Sing, bird of prey, beauty begins at the foot of you.
    Gaze upon that foot.

  • Map[]

    A B C D E F G
    1 Harp Corridor 0A1.png Harp Corridor 0B1.png Harp Corridor 0C1.png Great Bird Nest 0E1.png Frozen Moon Treetop 0F1.png Frozen Moon Treetop 0G1.png
    2 Altar of Life 0A2.png Muspelheim 0B2.png Surtr's Room 0C2.png Great Bird Nest 0E2.png Gjallarbru 0F2.png Inferno Shrine 0G2.png
    3 Altar of Life 0A3.png Muspelheim 0B3.png Surtr's Anterior Chamber 0C3.png Ginnungagap's Chasm 0D3.png Niflheim 0E3.png Gjallarbru 0F3.png Elivagar 0G3.png
    4 Vedrfolnir's Room 0B4.png Treetop Anterior Chamber 0C4.png Treetop Anterior Chamber 0D4.png Niflheim 0E4.png Ice Treetop 0F4.png
    5 Fire Treetop 0C5.png Fire Treetop 0D5.png Fire Treetop 0E5.png
    6 Underworld Gate 0D6.png