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Elder Xelpud
Category Main Characters
Elder Xelpud
Sex Male
Age 85
Race Ancient
Location Village of Departure (D-4)
BGM Xelpud

Elder Xelpud is the leader of the Village of Departure. He offers the player a wide variety of advice, both in-person and remotely through the Xelputter app. The usefulness of this advice can vary, but he always has something unique and humorous to say.

As in the previous game, Xelpud will give a description of whatever Usable Item you have equipped when you speak to him. Later in the game, he will also give you hints about where to find Game Software that you are missing.

Glossary Entry[]

Elder Xelpud was responsible for protecting the La-Mulana ruins till their destruction; now, he simply enjoys life. He turned La-Mulana into a tourist spot, bringing in visitors and also hefty profits. Once a hardcore lover of video games, Xelpud is now all about finance: he dresses up all snazzy-like and women serve him hand and foot. Though he did hire the women to do that.


First visit

Hey, you made it.
I'm Xelpud, Elder of the tourist village of the La-Mulana ruins.

We've finally managed to turn the La-Mulana ruins into a tourist spot, and now we've been getting reports of unknown monster sightings, so I sent a letter to yer dad, the archaeologist, asking him to come investigate.
So, how come he sent his daughter?

You can't get hold of yer dad? So you break into archaeology and immediately surpass yer dad, huh?
What a weird family.

Anyway, the request was for finding out just what is going on in the La-Mulana ruins, and then taking care of whatever the problem was. If you can handle it yerself, that's fine with me. You must've completed yer dad's ninja training by now, right?

Apparently the monsters have been coming from the depths of the ruins. With all this danger, nobody's gonna wanna come here anymore and we're gonna lose all our businesses.

Figure out the cause and make sure those monsters never come out again!

But with my being such a gentleman and all, I'm gonna do you a favor and help a cute little girl out.

Lend me that there tablet real quick.

This is my very own homegrown messaging software. I'll send you helpful hints and stuff to help out with yer investigation.

When you hear the funky little beep notification, just hit the Pause button and check out the tablet.
You can thank me later!

["Xelputter" acquired.]


Second visit

What's up?
What, you want some money or something?

Here you go, grab summa this. Xelpud makin' it rain!

[30G acquired]

Third visit (Repeats)

If you wanna take a break, there's an awesome hot spring over there to the left.

You can use the pimped-out tablet outside my house to save your game, too. Just press up in front of the tablet.


Fourth visit (Repeats)

What the hell?
I'm not just gonna keep handing out cash, you know. You wanna do some part-time work in my harem?

After buying Yagoo Map Reader if you didn't receive the map from Nebur

Here's a map of the La-Mulana ruins and the village area.

[Map acquired.]

Hand Scanner description

Hey there, you scored a Hand Scanner, huh?
Without that, there isn't much you can do!

You can use the Hand Scanner for stuff like reading tablets and inspecting important-looking stuff you find in the ruins

As an archaeologist, you gotta be able to read the ancient texts written on the tablets. Also memos found with skeletons, signs, stuff like that, too.

There might be other stuff you can inspect with it, too! If you find anything that catches yer eye, try inspecting it!



You wanna hear it again?

  • Yes, please.
  • Nope.



  • Xelpud's name is a reference to one of La-Mulana's developers, duplex.
  • In promotional artwork, Xelpud's t-shirt says ファミコン (Famicom).
  • By attacking the head of Xelpud's statue in Village of Departure (F-3), you can cause a clump of moss to fall on it. Xelpud will then be seen wearing a wig for the rest of the game. This awards the What's the Wig Idea? achievement.